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Online Timesheet Submission

Submit your timesheet online

Online Leave Submission

Submit your timesheet online

Submission Procedures

The submission procedures and requirements of each type of leave are detailed


To access your leave approval form

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Examination Schedule

Training Calendar

Key Contact

Human Resource (HR Team)
Email:[email protected]
Tel No:   +65 6455 9938
Mobile:   +65 8322 0169 (Employee Relation)
Mobile:   +65 9380 2925 (HR Recruitment)
Mobile:   +65 9102 6919 (Training)

Line Managers
Mr Eric Tan
Email:[email protected]
Mobile: +65 9226 7212

Ms Danica Yu
Email:[email protected]
Mobile: +65 9850 3574

Ms Gretchel
Email:[email protected]
Mobile: +65 9386 9258

Mr John Lim Kwan Muk
Email:[email protected]
Mobile: +65 9789 9693

Services Team
Email:[email protected]
Contact: +65 6455 9938


Leave Application

Email your AcePLP line manager and copy to:[email protected]

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