Spirit Journal: Forming Your Vision

Another glimpse of some of the articles contained in the Earth Spirit Journal from Shamanic in Portugal, this is from August 2016 edition: () July brought us another higher pace and notch on the roller coaster of 2016. A blend of intensity for the physical body accompanied by plenty of quiet moments in which to[…]

Auertremendous Chocolatier From Geneva

Auer has grew to become luxury master chocolatiers since their starting in 1939 in Geneva. The organization has been within the family and is now in the fifth generation of chocolate creators. Today Auers is a meeting psn codes generator hack location for gourmets and offers a massive variety of luxury products. The master chocolatiers[…]


It’s your first private call for a musical. You’ve not auditioned before, so you don’t know what you need to do. What should you aim to achieve? First, let’s explore what an audition is for. For the casting panel, it’s an opportunity to see new people, or to remind themselves of familiar people. It’s a[…]

Audio Enhancement vs Forensic Transcription

Thanks to movies and shows like CSI and NCIS, people have unrealistic expectations about the audio enhancement capabilities of forensic audio examiners. In the world of fiction, not only can experts do the job with a click or two of the mouse, but they can make completely unintelligible speech completely clear and easy to understand.[…]