AcePLP $20,000 Bursary Award for ITE Students

 Local engineering company donates S$20,000 to promote lifelong learning at ITE

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(From Left) Principal of ITE College East Mr Eden Liew, AcePLP apprentice Mr Muhammad Zuhairi, Principal of ITE College Central Mr Ang Kiam Wee, AcePLP Directors Ms Vanessa Tang, Mr James Tang and Ms Janet Lim, AcePLP apprentice Mr Kendrick Ang, and Deputy Principal of ITE College Central Mr Chong Leong Fatt.

Singapore, May 9, 2014 – Home-grown engineering services company AcePLP has donated S$20,000 as bursary for students from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). The AcePLP Bursary Award encourages students to pursue lifelong learning and put their best effort into their studies, in spite of the challenging family and financial circumstances that many of the ITE students face.

The bursary was presented to 40 beneficiaries at the ITE College Central. Half goes to students from households earning less than $1000 per capita income per month; the other half goes to students who have good attendance records in school.

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AcePLP apprentices Mr Muhammad Zuhairi bin Buhari (in blue) and Mr Kendrick Ang (in pink) with recipients of the AcePLP Bursary Award

Corporate Development Director at AcePLP, Ms. Vanessa Tang, said: “We strongly believe that skills training are a means to a stable career and livelihood, especially in the field of engineering. There are lots of infrastructure projects in Singapore and the region that would provide excellent opportunities for jobs and career development in this line, provided you have the relevant skills and experience. And the best way to obtain skills and experience is to get hands-on through an apprenticeship.” AcePLP runs an Engineering Apprenticeship Programme that equips apprentices with the relevant industry skills and experiences, as well as build the self-esteem of young graduates entering the job market for the first time.

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ITE student Leck Ting Wei (left) receives his award from AcePLP Corporate Development Director Ms Vanessa Tang (right)

Dr Ang Kiam Wee, Principal of ITE College Central, said: “Our students come from diverse backgrounds. Some of our student’s work part-time to support themselves, and other are also working to support their families.   I would like to highlight one deserving award recipient. This student shared that she was indeed grateful to receive the bursary as she has a medical condition. Diagnosed with diabetes, this student has not let her medical condition deter her from doing her best in her studies. Her teacher says that she is always punctual for lessons, has a good attitude and volunteers to be a project leader for class assignments. The bursary that she and all other award recipients will be receiving today will help them to focus on their studies by reducing the financial burden that they have to carry.”

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AcePLP apprentices Mr. Muhammad Zuhairi and Mr. Kendrick Ang shared their experiences on working in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries at the ceremony

AcePLP apprentice Mr Muhammad Zuhairi Bin Buhairi, a 25-year-old ITE graduate who obtained a National ITE Certificate (NITEC) in Precision Engineering (Aerospace) in 2007, spoke about what he learnt under the  guidance of his mentors at AcePLP. “I’ve learnt to handle all types of drawings at AcePLP – shop, construction, detail, general, and As-Built drawings. I also learnt that if I want to stay in this line, I need to absorb whatever is taught to me. And what’s most important is that you got to stay firm with what you are doing, and not allow engineers or other seniors to step over you. Plan, execute, and control: these are the three things that I always equip myself with at every task. In whatever you do, you have to plan things systematically, because you won’t be able to predict what’s going to come next,” he said.

Mr Zuhari will be conferred a Skills Diploma issued by AcePLP on his successful completion of the Apprenticeship programme. AcePLP  is also arranging for him to learn construction project planning and management in collaboration with the Programme  Planning Society of  Singapore. Mr Zuhairi is simultaneously participating in the Technical Engineer Diploma in  Machine Technology course at ITE, which  requires him to obtain at least 1.5 years of  relevant industry working experience.


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