AcePLP- Let Your Voice Be Heard

Greetings from AcePLP HR Department!

We would like to introduce the “Let Your Voice Be Heard” campaign, as part of our effort to improve our employees’ welfare and career progression. We have gathered feedback from our quirky onsite engineers that some of your concerns are often overlooked.

As such, we  will be conducting routine site visits  and we hope that you can play a part by providing us with constructive feedback and updates on your onsite conditions and scope of work.  So don’t be surprised if you get a call from us informing you of such visits!


“My client said to arrange all these files in alphabetical order. What’s this going to do for my career?”

“My client said to arrange all these files in alphabetical order. What’s this going to do for my career?”


The new practice will also help us ensure that our engineers are tasked with the right assignments which, in turn, provides you with an enriching learning experience during the Traineeship Programme at AcePLP.

So when you get a call and a visit from us, don’t be afraid to feedback if you feel you are not doing anything constructive. Feel free to have a heart-to-heart discussion with us over coffee (or tea or your favourite beverage) to let us know your thoughts about the assignment and how you can improve.


"You matter"

“You matter.”


That aside, we wish to re-instill the passion and enthusiasm you have for the AEC industry. At AcePLP, we pride ourselves in providing quality on-the-job training to those who are seeking it but cannot find it, or rather, cannot afford to go for it. Learning starts from within you and therefore, improving the quality of training is not the sole prerogative of the training department. Every trainee has the freedom to command their own learning.

Did you know?

ü  If you feel that your skills have already outgrown your current assignments, you can feedback to us for more challenging projects like BIM or Project Planning?

ü  There are self-enhancement videos you can watch on Bentley Student Learn Server?  Write in to [email protected] and request for a user login today!

ü  Training Department has added a series of enhancement classes into their current curriculum. Check out the training timetable here. Get in the waiting line!

We want you to dream big. You’ve just got to, you know, hint it to us.


"Hint or nothing"

“Hint or nothing.”


Right then, that’s all for now. We will see you real soon!



HR Department, AcePLP




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