AcePLP Seniors: We’re not Selfish, We Share [VIDEO]

Are you still brushing the sand from between your toes? (Hopefully not, since it’s been a full week since Frolic & Feast: Wakiki Night)



Recognise any of these familiar faces?

Leo, Zuhairi, Yongshen_AcePLP_Frolic & Feast

If you don’t know them, you should.

Leo, Zuhairi and Yong Shen shared their experience as BIM/CAD engineers at AcePLP, describing their projects and assignments, interactions with supervisors and advice for the juniors just starting out on this 26-month programme. They appeared on screen for the first time at Wakiki Night on 30th November 2013 at Palawan Beach.

Well, we’re not fans of people missing out… So we’ve brought the video to you guys right from the comfort of your own PC! (:


[youtube id=”Sxz_JfbI1po”]


From us over at Ace,

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