How Can Forensic Handwriting Analysis Help Solve Crimes?

Forensic handwriting examination is used to determine the author of a particular document (or another piece of writing). It has been used successfully for more than 100 years, and experts are continuing to learn more about the science behind handwriting analysis. As they learn more about the field of graphology, it鎶?becoming more and more common for the police to hire a forensic handwriting expert in Las Vegas, NV, to help them in certain cases.

What Makes Your Handwriting So Unique?

The reason forensic handwriting examination works is because everyone鎶?handwriting is unique. Although most people were taught to write the same way in school, your handwriting is shaped by your personality, health, and experiences in your life. Graphologists look at dozens of traits when they examine a sample of handwriting, including the size and slant of the letters, the pen pressure exerted by the writer, and the legibility of the sample. They also look at more subtle clues like whether someone stopped writing in the middle of a letter. Combining all these different traits with your unique personality gives you a handwriting style shared by no one else in the world.

How Does Handwriting Analysis Help the Police?

Police work with graphologists any game of war fire age hack tool online time they need to find out the author of a certain document, such as a threatening letter or ransom note. This also applies to nontraditional documents like graffiti. Graphologists can also be called to determine if a suicide note is genuine or to identify a forgery in a document like a will or property deed. Because handwriting often reveals when someone is lying, handwriting analysis may be used to evaluate written csr racing 2 hack hack statements made by suspects to try to find the guilty party.

The Case of Peter Weinberger

One of the most famous cases solved by handwriting analysis was the kidnapping of Peter Weinberger, a baby only a month old. On July 4, 1956, he was stolen off the patio of his home, and a ransom note was left demanding $2,000. Handwriting experts examined millions of documents from probation offices, schools, and the New York State Motor Vehicle Bureau until they finally found a match in a man named Angelo LaMarca. When LaMarca was confronted with the handwriting analysis, he admitted to the deed and was share this site found guilty of kidnapping and murder (the young baby did not survive the kidnapping).

How Reliable Is Handwriting Analysis?

Some people are skeptical about the accuracy of handwriting analysis. It鎶?true that there are many factors that make it difficult to be 100% sure of a match. A graphologist needs enough known handwriting samples to compare to the document in question, and it鎶?difficult to match different styles of handwriting. A person鎶?handwriting can also vary slightly over time, especially if they are ill. However, many judges have upheld the validity of handwriting analysis in court. In cases such as that of LaMarca, handwriting analysis may also be used to prompt the suspect into admitting guilt on his or her own.

Who Can Become a Handwriting Expert?

No specific degree is required to become a forensic handwriting expert in Las Vegas, NV. However, most experts have a degree in forensics and have taken classes in document and handwriting analysis. After you get your degree, you’ll work with an expert for 2-4 years to get plenty of hands-on experience. You鎶 get the chance to review a wide variety of handwriting traits and learn what they mean in context. After this, you should become certified in order to prove your competency. Once certified, you can then go on to work with the FBI, CIA, or local police as a forensic handwriting expert.