Let’s Build GREEN !

build green

You may not have realised it, but Green Buildings have been around Singapore for quite a while…Take a peek at some of the green features they sport!

Republic Poly

112780540613_800_532_90 1.Green Wall & [email protected] multi-storey carpark 

• Creepers grow on vine trays acting as “bio-lungs”, absorbing CO2 & releasing O2
• Helps cool the air in and around the carpark, reducing the effect of a “heat island”


2.Sunshade Louvres

• Perforated aluminium sunshades & Ceramic frit glazing
• Reduces solar radiation & heat load


ThermalStorage 3.Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

• Allows for “storing of cooling energy “into the specially designed storage tank during the night, which incurs lower utility costs
•The stored “cooling “ energy is then used to cool the building during the daytime.
•TES technology thus minimises the need to run the air-conditioning plant during the daytime, reducing the demand for the more expensive daytime electricity.

ITE College East

1. Low-emissivity performance glazing and laminate double-glazed curtain-wall
• Maximise day lighting
• Reduce energy consumption

2. Water Landscaping
• Lower surrounding temperatures
• Reduce energy consumption

[email protected]

1.Solar Panels
• Harness the sun’s energy to power up car-park lightings and barrier system
• Generate electricity for the centre’s use

2.Waste Heat Recovery System
• Capture heat rejected from the chiller
• Reuse to heat up hot water to supply the entire mall’s requirement

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