Peering Into Our Sports Future

 A closely pictured construction progress.  Its steel structures are sheer majestic beauty.  



article 2.1

 << Nov 2012
 A total of 22-26 cranes are required throughout the 43 months of construction time.
 6,000 piles were established for its foundations.


 << Jan 2013
 The National Stadium Dome measures 80 metres in height and 312 metres in diameter.
 The whole  35 hectares site equals to 70 football fields.


<< Apr 2013
 Total materials used:
 §250,000 cubic metres of concrete
(would fill 100 olympic-sized swimming pools)
 §13,500 tonnes of steel structure
(equals to 3,650 adult asian elephants)
 §30,000 tonnes of rebar
 (equals to 1,300 double decker buses) 
Here’s what you can expect to experience next April:
A new 55,000 capacity National Stadium with a retractable roof and comfort cooling for spectators, which when completed will be the largest free spanning structure in the world
A 3,000-capacity indoor Aquatic Centre complete with leisure facilities, expandable to 6,000-capacity for specific events that meets world tournament standards
A 3,000-capacity multi-purpose Indoor Sports Arena which will be scalable, modular and flexible in layout
41,000 sqm of commercial space for leisure, shopping and dining activities
A Water Sports Centre to enhance sports offerings in the Kallang Basin
The existing 13,000-capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium featuring an exciting line-up of vibrant entertainment
Sports Promenade and Community Facilities
A Sports Information and Resource Centre (SIRC), comprising a library, a museum and an exhibition centre

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