Understand The Whole Procedure Of Logo Design And Creation

While a Logo Design is at work on its way to creating a perfect logo, there are numerous points that have to be kept in mind. A logo is the necessary constituent in a company’s or a business’s image. It should state a lot about the company, just by its existence alone. One well-made logo can speak better than a hundred pages of that company’s profile to anyone who observes it, and it should also be borne in mind that a bad logo can spoil the whole image.

So, it becomes of utmost significance that the logo has to be designed to serve the idea to the maximum. We have to take into consideration the business’s type of services, type of consumers, and its particular way of rendering its services. Only after analyzing all these requirements, we can arrive at the concept stage, and then only we can start more details the procedure of creating the logo, that is, the figure part.

The actual digital-drawing stage of the logo can be done with any software, like, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc. In this guide, we would see how a logo can be created with Adobe Photoshop.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will be producing a simple Text Logo, with or without a supporting image.

Let us create a logo that says ‘Creation’, and let us also call this assignment as ‘Creation’.

First, Create A Background: Open your Photoshop, go to FILE, and then NEW. In the ‘Name’ field, type ‘Project Creation Logo’, set the width at 300, Height at 100, Resolution at 72 psi, all in pixels. Color Mode RGB (at 8 bit), background as White, and click the OK button.

For the background in this image, click on the Gradient tool. Are you able to see the Image and Layer at the top, next to File and Edit? Directly below that, you can view the Gradient Box. Click on it to edit or create the gradient.

There will be a new window appearing, named Gradient Editor, and at its base you can see the gradient bar with its color stop indents tags. Slide them right or left to get a new gradient of your choice, and then click the ‘New’ button in that window to save this additional gradient design, which you can name as ‘creative’. In this tutorial, we are keeping the gradient type at ‘Solid’, Smoothness as 100%, and the bottom field that says ‘Location’ at 30. Click the OK button.

Once again click on the gradient tool, and on the Gradient Editor window opt for the ‘creative’ gradient that we have already made. By the side of the Gradient Box, you can see five different styles of gradient selections, the central one is called ‘angle gradient’, click on it.

Now, put the cursor on the fully white Project Creation Logo’s background image box. Keep it near the middle left and click once. Holding the mouse button, drag it horizontally to the right and let it go near the end. You would now see a kind of design on the display. You can of course try different patterns, by manipulating the placement and releasing points of the cursor, and the angle of the line drawn. We shall discuss about them later, but first let us complete share our website a simple logo design with the help of this tutorial.

We have successfully created a background for our Logo at this stage.

Generating Text layer: In this step, we can utilize any of the custom Fonts, but in our tutorial we are going to use an existing font, Century Gothic. Setting it at Regular and at 72pt, opt for the Text tool, and click it somewhere on the Project Creation Logo image, and type the word ‘Creation’. The typed word ‘Creation’ shall become a layer, so, to work on this Text we should click on and pull down Layer, then go to Layer Style.

You may create a single layer each for each character, for a varied look. But in this tutorial, shall be working on the whole word ‘Creation’ as a single body, so we shall be having only a single layer here.

After punching out the keyboard for the text ‘Creation’, click the Move tool, and move the ‘Creation’ layer anywhere near the beginning of the gradient background. Don’t worry if a part of the word is out of sight by the darker part of the background, it’s normal.

Now, Go to Layer, Layer Style, and then go to Blending Options. The Layer Style – Blending Options window will be displayed now. Click on Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss – Contour, right click on Inner Glow, and set up in the resulting table the following as, Structure – Blend Mode – Normal, Opacity – 75%, Noise – 0%. Below the Noise level adjustment you have the color selection, left click on it and turn it green. In the Elements, set the – Technique – Softer, Source – Edge, Choke – 0, size – 250. Don’t touch the Quality adjustment, just put it down it as it is.

We have used the above settings just for this guide, but like the background gradient creation you can try plenty of varieties with the controls that are available on this blending layer style window. Also, I have kept the shape of the text ‘Creation’, as it is, but if you need to alter that to something you like better, choose that layer, go to Edit, Transform, and apply the methods you find there.

Next comes an extra image to supplement our Text Logo. This is also an option. Here we are going to use a sketch of a tree. Get this image, the outline of a tree, from some place you can, and save in your hard disk. Open it as a separate image in the Photoshop, dragon mania legends hack tool after making sure that all its outlines (vectors) are closed, and then choosing the Magic Wand Tool, cut out just the outline of the tree, then use the Move tool and get it on to the Project Creation Logo image. Keep it anywhere you like. Here, we are keeping it just like standing at the side of that text, ‘Creation’, like offering it some shadow.

Since this will be like an additional layer, go to Layer, and then to Layer Style, and then go to Blending Options. Just do here what you have done for the previous layer, but when it comes to color, make it brown or any other color you think proper.

You can freely try and experiment with all those controls and adjustments, and at last when you arrive at the final Text Logo image that you see on the display, hit Save, Go to Layer again, and click Flatten Image.

You have your Text Logo ready.

Once again let’s be reminded that before starting the work, the Logo Designers should take in all the information about the business and have a fix on how the Logo must look like.